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Richard Clark is NextQuestion Consulting's owner and lead consultant. A training professional for over 15 years, he calls instruction "the family business" and notes he comes from a family of teachers: "teaching and training is my first love, and I love knowing that somebody can do something at the end of the day they couldn’t do before."


Richard has practical experience as a software and hardware engineer, 14 years as an instructional designer, and a Masters in Education (focusing on Educational Technology) from San Diego State University.

His professional experience includes:

  • Five and a half years as the lead technical instructor at Apple Computer, training developers how to write software for the Macintosh platform and pioneering new ways to teach. He drove the developer training program for Apple's PowerPC rollout worldwide.
  • Three years at General Magic, producer of some of the first PDAs and software for telecommunications networks.
  • Four years at Hewlett-Packard preparing sales and technical training, first on e-commerce then overseeing the training needs of a 5000-person worldwide software sales force.


"I’ve reached a point where I could bring a strong strategic training perspective to a company to augment all my tactical hands-on experience. I especially delight in helping companies build effective and efficient training processes, integrating them with sales, marketing, and support, and being ready for what’s coming over the horizon – taking a proactive approach to training. I started out helping individuals to succeed; now I’ve set my eyes on doing that for organizations."

Partners and Associations

Dymond and Associates
Dymond and Associates specializes in software and consulting for business process management. NextQuestion consulting lends expertise in software engineering and designing instructional materials; in turn, Dymond and Associates contributes their knowledge of business practices and industry-leading practices in knowledge management.
The Emergent Learning Forum
Richard is the volunteer CTO for the forum, maintaining their website and building the technical infrastructure for a distributed community of practice in e-Learning.




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